How It Works - Subo Baby Food Bottle Videos

The Babeehive Goods Subo Food Bottle is designed to help babies, toddlers and children feed themselves, mess-free. Whether they’re strapped into their highchair or their car seat, this reusable baby food bottle is a must-have for any parent trying to help their little one learn how to eat independently. 

Start by unscrewing the lid and make sure the platform is face-up at the base. Then, put the food into the baby food bottle. You can put in anything from puree’s, oatmeal, rice cereal to yogurt or a thick smoothie, depending on the needs and abilities of your child. Make sure you’re using the right spout size to properly accommodate the food they’re eating -- our 5 mm spout works best for thin foods, like yogurt and rice cereal for babies as young as 4 months, while our 12 mm spout works best for thicker foods, such as applesauce and oatmeal and older children. Once you’ve filled the bottle, make sure to push up the platform from the base so that there is no air left in the bottle, then twist on the cap and you’re ready to give it to your child!

As they sip their food from the Subo bottle, you’ll notice the bottle platform rising from the bottom of the bottle. This happens naturally as your child eats the food and is intended to help prevent air bubbles. It also ensures that they get all of the food that has been put in the bottle. 

When your little one is finished with the food bottle, twist off the top and pop out the spout and platform. Then, twist off the bottom and remove the bottle valve. Once you’ve removed these parts, hold the bottle and hit the top of it with the palm of your hand -- this will help the bottle platform pop out. Now that your Subo bottle is completely disassembled, it’s ready to be washed. Everything is dishwasher safe except for the platform that needs to be rinsed in soap and warm water (top-rack only). Once it’s been cleaned, it’s ready to be used again!