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Frequently Asked Questions:

Cleaning the Food Bottle: 

We recommend hand washing only to ensure the parts do not get damaged. Subo should be dismantled into 7 separate parts for cleaning, using a cloth, brush and warm soapy water. Please ensure all parts are completely dry prior to re-assembly and storage. 

Is Subo BPA and Phthalates Free?

We hold safety in the highest regard when designing and manufacturing our products. The materials used to manufacture the food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone; all are BPA and Phthalate free.

Can I microwave Subo?

We recommend that you do not use Subo in the microwave as it is difficult to test the food temperature inside the bottle. Instead, we suggest that you always check food is heated to the desired safe temperature before loading into Subo.

Can I put hot food in my Subo?

Yes. Once the food is heated to the desired safe temperature it can be loaded into Subo. Please ensure you always check the food temperature is suitable prior to giving it to your child

Can I use liquid in Subo?

Subo is not designed for liquid drinks, its best used for puree or mashed viscous foods. Some examples of foods that can be used in Subo are: yogurts, smoothies, purred fruits and vegetables, soft breakfast cereals soaked in milk etc.

Can I full Subo half way up?

Yes. You can push the platform up the tube to the desired volume then fill.

How do I read the volume markers?

Subo has volume markers in both milliliters and fluid ounces and on both sides of the bottle, located beside the windows. You may notice that one side is upside down. The Subo base and collar can be assembled on either side of the tube, making it multidirectional. The markers with the TOP nearest the spout are the ones you should be using. The top of the platform will line up with the markers indicating the amount of food remaining in the bottle.

Can I freeze Subo?

No, we suggest that you do not freeze Subo. The Food Pod is an exciting upcoming products, which will allow you to freeze portions perfectly fitted to your Subo food bottle. 

Can I put frozen food in Subo?

Yes. Frozen food can be loaded into Subo to defrost.

Can I store the food in Subo if my child has only eaten half?

Food safe recommends that when food has had contact with saliva it cannot be then stored for re-use.


The platform is damaged, can I still use Subo?

Please take extra care with the platform as if this is damaged or bent out of shape it will hinder performance. You can purchase replacement parts through our online shop as required.

The platform is not moving up the bottle when in use?

Please ensure that the valve located in the base of the bottle is not sealed shut. At the top of the domed shape valve, there is a 12mm slit that can sometimes stick together after washing. Gently squeeze the dome and the slit should pop apart. In order for the platform to move freely up the tube it requires airflow through the base and up through the tube. Please also check that the inlet hole in the base is not obstructed (i.e. name stickers)

Can I purchase additional parts?

Yes you can purchase replacement platforms, lids, valves and spouts as required from our online shop.

Can I remove the spout?

Yes just push the silicone spout through the hole in collar it will come out.

Can I take apart the platform?

No. The fin is overmolded to the platform. There is no need to take it apart.

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