Why Subo Baby Food Bottle are Better Than Squeeze Pouches

baby with food bottleSubo bottles are designed to push the bottom platform (and the food) up as your child sucks from the spout. This means, instead of squeezing out the contents, the food is sucked directly into the child’s mouth, no wasting food and no squeezey mess!

The Subo Food Bottle is also easier to clean than a reusable squeeze pouch.

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Squeeze Pouches 

  • Children sometimes squeeze too much food out and end up wasting more than they eat
  • It's hard for children to get the last bit of the food out of the squeeze pouch on their own
  • The reusable squeeze pouches are sometimes tricky to clean out
  • If kids drop their squeeze pouch, it could get sat on or stepped on and get food everywhere
  • You're limited to just the slippery foods that can fit through the small spout of the squeeze pouch
  • Single-use pouches are a waste of plastic

Food Bottles

  • Food can't get out unless the child sucks it up, so there's less accidental food wasting and less of a mess!
  • Children can get all of the food out on their own
  • Food bottles are easier to clean than reusable squeeze pouches
  • They work for a wider variety of foods, like mashed potatoes and oatmeal, thanks to the wider spout
  • Food bottles are reusable, and therefore, environmentally friendly

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