Collection: Toddler Fork & Spoon

Give your toddler the opportunity for independence during mealtime that you can feel good about. Our baby fork and spoon set were made with little hands in mind, proving to be the perfect size for toddlers learning to use utensils for the first time.

The block or barrier on our mini fork and spoon set ensures safety for your child as they explore self-feeding, but you may find that they don’t need it anymore when they grow up a bit. We have various options for toddler utensils, making it easy to find something for every stage of your child’s development.

Give your child a toddler fork and spoon set with one of our toddler plates and a silicone bowl for the perfect mealtime setup.

Toddlers are exploring utensils for the first time. Give them something that ensures their success. Browse our selection of toddler utensils today!