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Dysphagia Resources for Patients

If you or someone you love is struggling with dysphagia, we know searching for answers can be emotional and time consuming and we want to help.  Listed are some resources we have found where you can learn more about dysphagia and organizations that cater to people that have swallowing disorders.  If you find other sources for information including websites, blogs, Facebook groups etc., please send us an email at so we can review them and update our list of resources so we can help others in their search for answers.

Dysphagia Resources:


Dysphagia Facebook Groups:

Lip Tie/Tongue Tie Revision:

Nutritionist and Dietitian Facebook Groups:

*Subo Food Bottle has not been tested for medical use.  Babeehive Goods does not guarantee specific results, as these are the opinions of individuals and results may vary.

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