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10 Trendy Baby Products to Include on Your Baby Registry

10 Trendy Baby Products to Include on Your Baby Registry

Are you pregnant and looking for some trendy baby products to include on your baby registry? There are so many trendy baby products that have come out in the last several years that I would have loved to have had access to when I had my first babies (360 Nursing cover--I'm talking to you!). Whether you are a new mom, or just looking for an adorable baby shower gift, here are some oh so cute (and functional) baby products That are really helpful to have in baby's first year of life.

Top Baby Products to Include on Your Baby Registry

Top Trendy Baby Products to Include on Your Baby Registry 

Keep in mind when you do your baby registry, that many of your shower attendants are going to bring you gifts for a newborn. They just can't help it. The newborn stuff is just super cute. This will leave you very supported during baby's first few months, and sometimes lacking for the later months. This list of trendy baby products are things that baby will use in the first year, and are very helpful to include on your baby registry so that you are prepared beyond the newborn stage.

Trendy Baby Products for Baby's First Year

Top Trending Baby Products to Include on Your Baby Registry

Not only are these baby products trendy and very useful, but I love that they all follow a popular color scheme. Who doesn't love when things match?!  


            1. Mini Spoon and Fork Set: Believe it or not, these baby utensils are not just cute, but also have many functional purposes. The back of the spoon head has sensory bumps to stimulate gums, they've got a ventilated choke barrier for extra safety, as well as easy up-close spacing between the fork tines and spoon bowl make feeding time easier and safer. The silicone material is great for introducing self-feeding because it's great for baby to chew on. Once baby gets better at self-feeding, this baby fork and spoon set are also great to have on your baby registry.
            2. Suction Bowl and Spoon Set: These baby suctions bowls keep messes at a minimum by suctioning into place (oh how I wish I had this with my first). My second favorite thing about this bowl is that you can heat up food in it because it's made of food-grade silicone instead of harmful plastic. You definitely don't want harmful chemicals leaking into baby's food!
            3. Silicone Suction Plate: Similar to the silicone bowls, this baby suction plate also suctions into place, keeping food spills and messes at minimum. The sectioned feeders also teach self-feeding skills. Similar to the bowls, these are also made of silicone instead of plastic.
            4. Puj Phillup - Hangable Kids Cups: If you don't already have children, you will learn very quickly that toddlers (and children in general) can go through so many cups in one day! This PhillUp is a kid friendly drinking cup with a grippy hook that hangs on your fridge. No more cups on the counter or piling up in the sink!
            5. Silicone and Wood Teethers: If you haven't already seen these teething rings for babies, they are very trendy right now--and for good reason! Not only are they adorable, they are brilliant. I'm all for trendy baby products as long as they serve a useful purpose--and these teethers certainly do that.
            6. Rainbow Stacking Cups: Baby does a lot of learning and development during the first year of life. Baby stacking cups help with both body and brain, starting at about 6 months. Not only do stacking toys help with fine motor development, stacking toys also help baby with language development.
            7. Silicone Baby Bib: I remember getting quite a few cloth bibs at my first baby shower, but I never used them again once I was introduced to silicone baby bibs! Theres just nothing that beats a quick rinse-off with no laundry! The pocket to catch the mess is a huge bonus too!
            8. Subo Baby Food Bottle: This baby food bottle  probably should have been number one on this list, as it is my favorite and most genius of trendy baby products (in my opinion). As much as I loved the convenience of baby food pouches, they aren't very cost-effective and oftentimes baby over-squeezes a mess all over the outfits! Not only can you feed purees in these bottles (without a mess), but also smoothies, yogurts and soups! Babies as young as 4 months can use these bottles (and my 3-year old still uses his).
            9. Sunburst Teething Toy: This silicone teething toy is another awesome baby product to have on hand for teething! Easy to grip, and made of strong but gentle silicone.
            10. Silicone Bead and Wood Pacifier Clip: This wouldn't be a comprehensive list of trendy baby products without the popular beaded pacifier clip! Great functional tool for keeping binky off the floor, and also makes for a great teething toy.

I hope this list of trendy baby products to include on your baby registry was helpful. Most of all, best of wishes to you and your baby!













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