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Musk Subo Baby Food Bottle Starter Set

Our starter set includes the Subo Baby Food bottle and the straw spout to allow babies and toddlers to feed themselves. Free shipping on orders over $75. Shop now!

The Complete Starter set includes the Subo Baby Food Bottle as well as the 5mm Straw SpoutThe food bottle allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently. It is great for use on-the-go and works best with healthy homemade purees, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods. When it comes to self-feeding, our baby food bottle is the perfect solution for both parents and children, creating a way for little ones to feed themselves without the potential of a big mess.

The reusable, refillable food bottle helps families save money and be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of expensive, single-use squeezable pouches and packaged foods. They can even replace messy reusable squeeze pouches. Because the food bottle is non-squeezable, and has a spout it helps children eat more, and prevents them from creating a wasteful mess.  

Children as young as 4 months can easily sip the food from their baby food bottle feeder using the soft silicone spout. They can watch as the platform automatically moves up the bottle! The viewing windows allow both parents and children to see where the platform moves. It tells them how much food is left inside, making this baby food bottle a must for any child who is self-feeding.

Can Replace: 

Baby squeeze pouches, food pouches, silicone squeeze pouches, reusable squeeze pouches, honey bears & yogurt pouches. 

Product Specifications

The Baby Food Bottle Starter Set comes standard with the original spout (12mm opening) and the straw spout (5mm opening).

Volume: max. 7.1oz (can be adjusted to smaller volumes).

Materials: PP, TPE, HDPE, Silicone

Safety Standards: Tested and certified to Australian and European standards (EN14350, AS 2070)

Made in Australia (Certified by Australian Made Campaign)

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Samantha Simpson

Pink Subo Baby Food Bottle Starter Set

Crystal yackley
Never received buyer beware scam??

Ordered 6/19 it’s 7/3 and still nothing. Tracking info given just says pre shipment label printed awaiting item. Also have reached out to company and have not heard back.

Rebecca Cuevas

There is no other way to describe it. It breaks down easily for cleaning, and is super simple to put together and use, and it doesn't leak. The natural reaction is to tip it, though, if you do it breaks the seal and the vacuum doesn't work, so it's important to use it like a straw cup and keep it upright. I will definitely be getting many more, because the 3 I have get used and washed multiple times a day. WORTH IT.

Jensen Lewis
Buying more

I love these so much! I load them up with yogurt, apple sauce etc! I also bring one with me if I know I’m going to jamba juice so I can put some in one for my 1.5 year old!

Laura Varner

It is definitely a big leaker.

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